2012-03-17 -- New Cats
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2012-03-17 -- New Cats
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2012-03-17 -- We adopted two new cats today, George the buff one, and Jaguar the grey tabby.  They come from the Almost Home Foundation http://www.almosthomefoundation.org who foster dogs and cats.

So far everyone is being cautions, Dott our existing tuxedo cat, George and Jaguar.  The new boys are pretty rambunctious and have razor sharp claws - nail-trimming is going to be an adventure to be sure.

Dott doesn't quite know what to make of the new company, not sure she's processed completely that Cleo is truly gone.


George, who doesn't show well at the PetSmart days, but is supposed to be cuddly :)  Note the extra toes on the front paws, he is poly-dactyl.


Jaguar, named after the car that hit him and broke his leg as a kitten.  He is *very* curious and we've already found him standing on the toilet seats looking at the water.  Guess we'll  adapt to keeping the lids down :)