06-16-2006 Animal Planet Filming
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On Friday June 16, 2006 we got the chance to film with Animal Planet atop the Chicago City Hall.  There is a rooftop garden installed there, and Animal Planet was filming for the series Backyard Habitat.  They had contacted the Willowbrook Wildlife Center about using one of their raptors, Zeus, for a segment. 

My wife Karen got the call from Willowbrook to help out, I got to tag along as a third set of eyes (outfitted with binoculars) to watch for other falcons that are nesting in the area.  We brought down Zeus - a peregrine falcon - for filming and everyone involved did not want one of the "native" falcons to dive-bomb our training raptor.  There are several nesting pair of peregrine falcons in the Chicago Loop area, they feed on pigeons and doves amongst other birds.  A falcon can "stoop" or dive at speeds up to 200 miles per hour.


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