Hawaii 2007 - ParrotHeads on Tour
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Hawaii 2007 - ParrotHeads on Tour
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Greetings - Hawaii 2007!   The above picture is the lobby for the HanoHano room in Waikiki beach.  A fine restaurant on the 30th floor, but the sign is a nice Aloha welcome.


This is Karen checking out the Honu sculpture there too.  I don't think we can get this to fit in the living room anywhere though.l



You can find Hawaiian shirts in *any* size at the International Marketplace!



Honolulu Zoo on day 2...


The whole reason for the trip - Jimmy Buffett plays the bandshell in Kapiolani Park.


Dinner cruise shot and the view from our hotel room at the Queen Kapiolani


33rd annual Pow-Wow on O'ahu


Western shore sunset




Day trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the east coast.  An offshoot of the Brigham Young Mormon university, all the performers are Mormon students from around the world.  They attend classes in the morning and work in the Cultural Center each afternoon to cover tuition costs.  We met many people from islands all across Polynesia.


Diamond Head state monument.   About 0.8 miles from bottom to top, up 271 steps, thru a tunnel into a bunker.  But what a view of Waikiki and the surrounding area!


USS Arizona Memorial.  Still a moving sight, the whole place was *packed* full.  This is the off-season, I cannot imagine the crowds during peak times.


North from Pearl Harbor to Turtle Beach, Sharks Cove and Waimea Bay where the 40' waves chew up surfers in the winter months.


Waikiki Beach - we dropped our leis on the statue of Duke Kahanamoku before leaving.