Hawaii 2006
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Hawaii 2006 - Patience all, this page has 127 images to load up...


April 06 - Arrival to the Kona Coast.

Day one sunset from the room.                   Map of the Big Island             


April 07 - Mauna Kea Stargazing tour, Sunset at 14,000 feet above sea level.

The view from our hotel room.Dinnner at 9,000 feet of elevation.Chicken Teriyaki = Good Stuff!!Parka, snow and 0 degrees at 14,000 feet.Aiming the telescope for the nights work.  The undergrad students get to stay at elevation, the scientists do remote work where it's WARM.

A heiau (sacred place) at 14,000 feet.Freezing my fingers, but getting the great video shots :)Sunset at the top of the island.


April 08 - Captain Dan McSweeney Whale Watching tour, lots of pilot whales and spinner dolphins.

Pilot WhalesPilot WhalesPilot WhalesOutrigger Keahou Beach hotelThe WhaleWatchMobile :)

Another couple getting married at the Outrigger Keahou Beach hotelTurtles basking in front of the lounge, in tide pools.Sunset from the hotel bar


April 09 - Wedding Day at A'Bay

Karen and Rev. Cheryl

Peter, Thea and Xanthe Serafin came out to meet usLuau blissUncovering the pig!First meal as a married couple!Peter, Xanthe and Thea

So apparently the green Maile Lei's were a real find at this time.  The Merry Monarch festival is gearing up in Hilo and Maile is *very* hard to come by without giving up a first-born child or eye teeth.  Kudos to Reverend Cheryl Pascual for making the ceremony so special.


April 10 - Snorkeling with the Fair Wind II at Kealakekua Bay near Captain Cook monument.


April 11 - Bicycle tour, 15 miles from Kealakekua Bay to the Place of Refuge.

Painted Church near Kealakakua BayPainted by a Friar with no formal art training using housepaint in 1899-1904

more pics for Popz --> ClickHere


April 12 - Down the south point of the Island to Punalu'u Black Sand Beach

Green Sea Turtles basking on the beach.

High winds cause the "frat boy" hat spin.  Big Surf pounding the shore here.Touristy enough for ya? :)


April 13 - Up the north side by A'Bay and around through Hilo to Volcano Village.

Waipio Valley lookoutWaipio ValleyHawaiian quilts in the Hilo arts center, part of the Merry Monarch FestivalQuilt closeupRainbow Falls in Hilo


April 14 - Hawaii Volcano National Park

All the furniture is solid Koa wood!!Yes, I'm a Surveying Geek :)

Halea Mau Mau CraterSulphur and Steam in the bottom of Kilauea Iki crater.Devastation Trail behind Kilauea Iki createrHikers testing their luck in Kilauea Iki


April 15 - tax day to some, for us a second Luau at the Outrigger Keahou Beach hotel - Ku Ali'i is the show name.

Karen with King KamehamehaA fine Luau pose with the dancers!


April 16 - Up to Hapuna beach, sunset at Huggo's on the Rocks


April 17 - Packed up, one final sunset before heading to the airport for the trip home.

Top of Mauna Kea and the observatories are in view.Packed to the top with luggage on the last hours.